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Watch Your Words...They Empower Your Life

March 29, 2019

Our words have power and using the right ones can move you forward, create obstacles or hold you back.

I was reading a comment from a member of one of my LinkedIn groups who eliminated the auto-response word 'sorry' from her vocabulary and it reminded me of some of the vocabulary adjustments I've made that have made a significant difference in my life.

The first one was the word ‘anxious’. This was several years ago. I wrote a writer friend to express my feelings about having my book published and I said I was ‘anxious’ to get it done. She quickly corrected me and said ‘try using the word ‘eager’ instead of ‘anxious’. It carries a much more positive energy.

The next word swap came from my former Religious Science minister, Rev David Phears. We were talking about some experiences I was having after my ex-husband passed. He asked how I was doing and I said, ‘Oh, I’m surviving!’ Immediately he said, ‘Let’s change that word ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’. It’ll help shift your energy and move you towards healing and perfect health faster.’

He was right! The shift was almost immediate. Even if you're not feeling that powerful in that moment, saying you're thriving empowers and uplifts you, while saying you're surviving depletes your energy and makes you feel helpless or hopeless.

I also replaced 'I'll try or I'm trying' with 'I intend to or I'm intending to'. Trying sends the energy into the future which is uncertain, while 'intend' brings it into the present and sets your intention to succeed.

And, I switched the word 'should' with 'I am going to, or I will...'. This one's a little trickier because it's a subtler transfer of your energy to sometime or somewhere else; it infers 'a uncertainty'. It allows you an 'out' or an option not to do something.

Most recently, I’ve started using 'I think' instead of 'I believe' because it doesn't make people feel like I'm imposing my views on them or give them the feeling that their opinions should be changed in some way. Saying you 'think' something is sometimes perceived as an attempt convince or change another person's point of view or mindset.

And, even if you are suggesting a change, saying you 'believe' says it's your belief and that it's ok if they don't agree with your belief. I found it to be a softer approach and there's usually less resistance, and it seems to encourage discussion. But, I’m still consciously adjusting with this one, so it’s still a work in progress.

So...what words have you changed to empower the language you use?

Crystal Angel Blessings! 

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