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Offering Unique Ways to Be Healed and Inspired


Let Spiritual and Holistic Healing Energy Help You Solve Your Problems

Hello! I am SofiaLyn, B.MSc, Intuitive Psychic, Reiki Master and Crystal Light Energy Practitioner!

Welcome to Crystals, Angels & Tarot! 


I am a certified tarot reader, energy healer and minister based in Sedona, Arizona. My psychic talents include Claircognizance (Intuitive Knowing) and the ability to communicate with Spirit and Angel Guides, specifically I hear and can bring you messages of the Angels. My intention is to lend a helping hand by assisting you in finding the answers you are searching for.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Guidance and Advice, Counseling, Coaching & Quantum Energy Healing with Reiki, Crystals and High-Frequency  Red and Blue Light. I also offer Angels, Oracle and Tarot Readings from a metaphysical/spiritual perspective, with the intent to inspire, empower, guide and heal your energy and physical body for better health, wellness and joy in your life.

Explore My Services:

Intuitive Psychic, Tarot, Angel/Oracle Card Readings:

  $60 - 20 Minutes

  $80 - 30 Minutes

$120 - 45 Minutes

$150 - 60 Minutes

Chakra Balancing, Pain Management, Reiki & Holistic Energy Therapies:

               $80 - 30 Minutes             

$120 - 45 Minutes

$150 - 60 Minutes

Career and Life Coaching:

$100 - 30 Min - Life Path & Purpose Reading                        

$150 - 60 Min - Life Path & Purpose Breakthru Coaching      

Payments, Cancellations and Refunds Policy:

Appointments are scheduled in advance and all payments are made via 


Venmo: @Linda-Williams-200        


Payments must be received at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment or your appointment may be cancelled.

Cancelled appointments can be rescheduled, but no refunds will be made once your payment is received.

Code of Ethics and Terms of Service

• As your Spiritual and Energy Advisor, it is my intention to provide the very best service I am capable of, at all times

• If you’re seeing medical advice or diagnosis, legal or financial advice for a problem or concern, I recommend you seek competent legal, financial, medical or psychological assistance from a certified, qualified professional.

• Please seek competent financial assistance from a banker, broker, or financial consultant before you make any financial transactions.

• I will not answer questions that I do not believe I am capable of answering, or that I am uncomfortable answering.

• It is my intention to protect the privacy of others. Therefore, I will not read on a third party (for example, ‘Does my ex really love his girlfriend?’). If asked these types of questions, I will rephrase the question to focus the reading on what is directly related to you.

• Readings will not be given for anyone other than the client. Questions relating to others (e.g. third parties, such as partners, family members, colleagues, etc.) will be re-phrased or declined.

• It is my intention to provide guidance and insight in your Tarot, Angel, Oracle and Energy readings, but it is your choice whether or not you follow this guidance. Your actions following your reading, are your responsibility.

• Tarot, Angel, Oracle cards and Energy readings are neither good nor bad. They can be used to guide, encourage, inspire and identify options for future actions and behavior.

• Your reading is a complete, stand-alone service. You are not required to purchase anything other service.

• It is my intention to be open-minded, honest and non-judgmental.

• Clients will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect.

• All readings are held in the strictest confidence, and all written readings will be stored safely and securely as possible.

• If at any time, we feel unable to complete a reading, the reading will be terminated and a full refund will be issued within 10 business days.

• Readings will not knowingly be given to clients under 18 years of age.

• There will be no hidden charges attached to my readings. All clients will have information about the cost and length of a reading prior to their appointment.

• It is my intention to serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing harm, or intending to cause harm.

• I will not predict winning lottery numbers or interpret any reading representing death or illness.

• I reserve the right to refuse any reading not adhering to my code of ethics.

• As my client, you have the right to refuse or terminate a reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.

About Me

A student and practitioner of Metaphysics and New Thought philosophy since 1977, Rev. Lyn Williams is the living example of surviving and rebuilding a life after severe crisis. After the drive-by shooting death of her son in 1988, she endured 5 trials for the murder of her son over the next 7 years.

Though her son’s death was the most difficult, she also lost 5 other family members between 1987 and 2006. She’s had many other personal and financial challenges over the years, including the 3 D’s (divorce, death, and the downturn), and depression and changing careers at mid-life.

To cope with these life changing events, she began practicing energy healing techniques to rebuild and fortify her spirit. Now she shares her wisdom and experience, and teaches these practices to others who’ve suffered similar personal traumas.

In 2004, she retired from a 33-year Information Technology career to become a full-time business entrepreneur. Now, she’s a successful writer, speaker, mentor and success coach.

Rev. Lyn Williams has been helping women achieve success, wellness, and happiness for over 40 years. Her clients are often in the midst of major life-changes, seeking direction toward fulfillment of their goals and dreams. Rev. Lyn’s specialty is providing techniques, clarity, and enlightening support so her clients can overcome obstacles and solve problems. She bases her counseling on methods of personal transformation and spiritual guidance through uplifting, inspiring, and positive means.

Rev. Lyn has experience in several modalities, including energy healing (Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques—EFT aka Tapping), crystal healing, tarot and angel oracle readings, and meditation training. She is a Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Energy Healer, and a Certified Tarot Advisor. She has degrees from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona, and she is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry.



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